Osvaldr Grimnarch


Chapter: Space Wolves

Specialty: Tactical Rank: 1 Personal Demeanor Hot Blooded
Chapter Demeanor The Sons of Russ Past Great Hunt
Renown: 9 Xp Spent:14.300 To spend:1150


Non Armor WS 51 BS 46 S(8)44 T(8)41 AG 45 Int 43 Per 48 WP 53 Fel 51
Armor WS 51 BS 46 S(11)74 T(8)41 AG 45 Int 43 Per 48 WP 53 Fel 51
Wounds: 20 Fate: 3 Corruption: 0 Movement: Half 5 Full 10 Charge 15 Run 30
Insanity: 0 Primarch’s Curse: Curse of the Wolfen(p.280)

Trained Skills:
Awareness, (Heightend Senses Hearing, Taste, Sight and Smell +10, Armor +10 Sight & Hearing) Per
Ciphers{Chapter Runes} Int,
Climb S,
Command Fel,
Common Lore{Adeptus Astarates, Deathwatch, Imperium, War} Int,
Concealment(Armor- 30) Ag,
Dodge Ag,
Drive {Ground Vehicles} Ag,
Forbidden Lore{Xenos} Int,
Literacy Int,
Navigation{Surface} Int,
Scholastic Lore {Codex Astartes} Int,
Silent Move(Armor- 30) Ag,
Speak Language {High Gothic, Low Gothic} Int,
Tactics {Void Combat} Int,

Trained 10%
Tracking Int

Trained 20%

Basic Skills:
Barter Fel,
Carouse T,
Charm Fel,
Contortionist Ag,
Deceive Fel,
Disguise Fel,
Evaluate Int,
Gamble Int,
Inquiry Fel,
Intimidate S,
Logic Int,
Scrutiny Per,
Search Per,
Swim S

Space Marine Deeds, Talents & Traits:
Astartes Weapon Training,
Bulging Biceps (can fire heavy weapons in semi and full auto withou bracing and without suffering -30),
Heightened Senses(Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste),
Killing Strike (if All out Attack my spend a fate {before rolling dice} to make attack unable to dodge or parry),
Nerves of Steel (May re-roll failed WP rolls for avoid or recover from Pinning),
Quick Draw (can ready as free action with pistol, basic or one-handed melee weapon),
Resistance (Psychic Powers +10 to resist),
True Grit (whenever character suffers Critical dmg halve the result -round up),
Unarmed Master (1d10 +SB I dmg unarmed combat),
Unnatural Strenght(x2),
Unnatural Toughness(x2),
Double Team (when outnumbering opponent gain +10WS, if both have talent gain +20 on top of normal outnumbering bonuses),
Deathwatch Training,
Signature Wargear (ChainSword)
Tactical Expertise (successfull Hard command test kill-team members benefit from chapter squad mode abilities as being from the same chapter)


Name Damage Pen Range ROF Clip RLD Req Special
Astartes Bolter (Godwyn) 2d10+ 5X 5 100m S/2/4 28 Full - Tearing, Fire Selector
Astartes Pistol 2d10+ 5X 5 30m S/3/- 14 Full - Tearing
Astartes Combat Knife 1d10+ 2R 2 - - - - - Tearing
Chain Sword 1d10+ 3R 4 - - - - - Balanced, Tearing

- Power Armor -
Mk VII “Aquila” Power Armor(Strength+ 20)(Heightened Senses Sight and Hearing= + 10) History #Thy Strenght be Legend# (+10 to Stenght)
Armor Points
Head:8 (1-10)
Body:10 (31-70)
Rigth Arm:10 (11-20)
Left Arm:10 (21-30)
Right Leg:10 (71-85)
Let Leg:10 (86-100)

Charm Wolf Pelt (+2 to intimidate tests),
Other 3x Frag Grenade
3x Krak Grenade
1x Repair Cement
1x Hellfire Rounds(28)


Osvaldr having seen many years of combat an exploration, part of a search group for his primarch Leman Russ, has developed a very alert aptitude towards everything around him. A calculating look can be discerned behind his eyes, all the time scanning the surrounding for any sign of danger and appraising weak spots and vulnerabilities to everything. However he has managed to retain a feeling that nothing is lost and everything is happening for a reason, thus giving the feeling of a stoic person albeit harboring an immense fury ready to be unleashed at a moments notice.

Having been for many decades part of the expedition to fing their primarch the chapter decided to send some of their more seasoned wolves as part of the Deathwatch thus covering an even greater area and increasing the chances of hearing rumors about Leman Russ’s location

Deathwatch is a great honour for Osvaldr but at the same time he longs to be back to the Fang amongs his battle brothers along the merry-make and the murder-make

Honour gained from killing the All-Fathers enemies and encountering ever-stronger adversaries

Thousand Sons

Osvaldr Grimnarch

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