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Name: ?

Chapter: ?

Specialty: ? Rank: 1 Personal Demeanor: ?
Chapter Demeanor: ? Past: ?
Renown: - Xp Spent: 12.000 To spend: 1.000


Non Armor WS ? BS ? S(?)? T(?)? AG ? Int ? Per ? WP ? Fel ?
Armor WS ? BS ? S(?)? T(?)? AG ? Int ? Per ? WP ? Fel ?
Wounds: ? Fate: ? Corruption: - Movement: Half ? Full ? Charge ? Run ?

Trained Skills:
Awareness (Heightend Senses Hearing and Sight +10, Sight & Hearing Armor{Helmet} +10) Per
Ciphers (Chapter Runes) Int
Climb S
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War) Int
Concealment (Power Armor -30) AG
Drive (ground vehicles) AG
Forbidden Lore(Xenos) Int
Intimidate S
Literacy Int
Navigation (Surface) Int
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) Int
Silent Move (Power Armor -30) AG
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) Int
Tactics (Assault Doctrine) Int
Tracking Int

Trained 10%
Trained 20%

Basic Skills:
Barter Fel
Carouse T
Charm Fel
Command Fel
Contortionist Ag
Deceive Fel
Disguise Fel
Dodge Ag
Evaluate Int
Gamble Int
Inquiry Fel
Intimidate S
Logic Int
Scrutiny Per
Search Per
Swim S

Space Marine Deeds, Talents & Traits:
Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapons Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses(Hearing,Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance(Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master, Unnatural Strength(x2), Unnatural Toughness(x2), Deathwatch Training,


Name Damage Pen Range ROF Clip RLD Req Special
Astartes Bolter 2d10+ 5X 5 100m S/2/4 28 Full - Tearing
Astartes Pistol 2d10+ 5X 5 30m S/3/- 14 Full - Tearing
Astartes Combat Knife 1d10+ 2R 2 - - - - - Tearing

Psychic Abilities Psy Rating (?) (IF PC IS A LIBRARIAN)

Name Action Opposed Range Sustained

- Power Armor -
Mk VII Power Armor (Strength+ 20)(Heightened Senses Sight and Hearing= + 10)
History: ?

Armor Points
Head: 8 (1-10)
Body: 10 (31-70)
Rigth Arm: 10 (11-20)
Left Arm: 10 (21-30)
Right Leg: 10 (71-85)
Left Leg: 10 (86-100)

Astartes power armour, Astartes bolt pistol, 3 Astartes frag grenades, 3 Astartes krak grenades, Astartes combat knife, repair cement, Chapter trapping (?)


Updated template

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